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Instructor - Dustin Selva

I have been making and playing the Native American Style Flute (NASF) for over 7 years and have developed my own unique building and playing style.

Making flutes has taught me so much about what these instruments are capable of and has provided me a deep understanding on how to teach others how to play the NASF.  

I am excited to share this knowledge with you and look forward to hearing your heart songs!


  • How long do I have access to these course once purchased?

    For Life!

  • Do I need a specific flute to take these courses?

    For the fundamentals and advanced courses you don't need a specific flute.

  • Do I need instruments for the Sound Healing Course?

    It is not necessary to have any instruments for this course. You have this course for life, so it may be helpful to take it before buying instruments. A list of instruments and where you can buy them will be provided in the course!

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