Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. How To Take This Course

    1. Overview of Embellishments

    2. Bend

    3. Bend Practice

    4. Bend Phrasing

    5. The Turn

    6. Turn Practice

    7. Finger Trill

    8. Finger Trill Practice

    9. Finger Trill Play Along

    10. Trill Into Next Octave

    11. The Chirp/Pop

    12. Chirp/Pop Practice

    13. Chirp Play Along

    14. Chirp/Pop Tonguing

    15. The Run

    16. Run Practice

    17. Glissando

    1. Section Overview

    2. Double Tonguing Practice

    3. Triple Tonguing

    4. Triple Tonguing Practice

    5. Tonguing Play Along

    6. Vibrato

    7. Toning & Tongue Trills

    8. Practicing Flow Embellishments

    9. Combining Embellishments

    1. Journey

    2. Journey Intro

    3. Adding Embellishments To Journey

    1. Playing Embellishments On A Drone Flute

About this course

  • $89.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


  • Do I need a specific flute to take this course?

    No, you can use any flute from a single, double, triple, high and low. In this course I use a G 440 Hz flute if you would like to match the flute as you learn.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    For life!

  • Can I take this course as a beginner?

    It is best to take the fundamentals course first to build a foundation and then take this course to expand upon your playing skills.